Our Story

Our Story

Today more than ever, industry needs scalable systems, connected to equipment and open to all applications.

To understand your business issues, our team comes from both the IT world (ERP, CAPM, Mobility, IOT) and the industrial world (Industrial Organisation, Lean Management, Flow and Process Simulation, Finite Element Analysis). We don’t just make diagnoses and recommendations; we are able to carry them out within a short timeframe and within your budget.

Our observation in 2019 was as follows:
  • Industry 4.0 is mentioned in the press and is open to large companies, but the tools intended for small and medium-sized companies are technologically outdated and do not allow them to respond to the current principles of industrial organisation.
  • Many software publishers are not able to respond to the evolutionary wishes of companies, thus limiting them in their digital transformation towards Industry 4.0.
  • In the case of specific development, technological deadlocks complicate the maintenance of solutions over time.

To develop our SMARTPROD solution, we chose the MENDIX® by SIEMENS platform. We now offer the most flexible and fast MES on the market to meet your expectations.

SMARTPROD is now part of INOPROD‘s digital offer in package and customised mode. Our teams will be able to assist you on the functional and technical aspects.

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